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Discover this addition to my Abstract Collection for 2023, a stunning acrylic painting that will capture your heart and imagination. This painting showcases my Colour of the Year, Annapolis Blue, which exudes spontaneity and calmness, making it a perfect addition to any contemporary space.


Each layer in this collection represents different emotions that we experience, and when combined, they create something beautiful, much like how balance makes up who we are as individuals. How this painting makes you feel may differ from person to person, offering a unique experience that speaks to your soul.


As a one-of-a-kind piece, this painting is perfect for art lovers and collectors, offering a unique perspective on the beauty of abstract art. The rich colors and textures of this painting make a statement in any room, serving as a conversation starter for years to come.



Mini Abstract Painting - 5x7", this piece is the perfect size for any gallery wall or accent piece. The textured layers of the Blue creates depth and dimension, adding a unique touch to this already mesmerizing piece.



Gallery Wrapped Stretched Cotton  Canvas. Collection Name, Year, Signature and Collection number on the back. 



Dulux Paints Lifemaster Eggshell: Annapolis Blue: DLX1164-7

Dulux Paints Diamond matt : White (Untinted)

Dulux Paints Diamond matt : Black Magic DLX1001-7



Please allow for 2 weeks for painting to be shipped. I take much pride and care in my packaging so it arrives Safetly and elegantly! 


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