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Mission Behind the Art


"As an artist, my passion is to aid in ones ability to make their space truly feel like their own, when a client comes to me I want them to know that I can make their dreams a reality from redesigning a storefront, creating custom accent walls and repainting, to murals and canvas artworks. Taking the quality and precision of fine art painting and using it to enhance your everyday"

- Sarah

About the Artist

Always being creative over time I uncovered a profound connection through the medium of painting. With each brushstroke, I discovered a unique avenue for self-expression and creativity, igniting my passion like never before.

My artistic journey has led me to specialize in creating landscapes, animals, and abstract paintings, sometimes all together! The Canadian landscape, with its boundless beauty, serves as my primary inspiration. 

My endeavors started with the humble intention of sharing my original paintings at local festivals and gatherings. Over time, I cultivated a community of art enthusiasts who resonated with my unique style. As my reach expanded, I ventured into the online realm, making my creations accessible to art lovers worldwide through platforms like Etsy and my personal website.

Beyond paintings, I offer a range of artistic services aimed at enhancing your living spaces. From stunning mural creations that transform your environment to meticulous interior design and revitalizing paint jobs, I'm here to make your space truly your own.

Today, I'm thrilled to continue sharing my artistry with an ever-growing circle of collectors and those seeking to transform their spaces. Each piece I create, whether it's a fine art paintings or a more hands on project in your business or home, is infused with love and attention to detail. It aims to bring quality, inspiration, and a touch of your unique identity into your space.

By choosing to work with me, you're not merely acquiring artwork; you're enhancing your daily life and creating a space that truly reflects your passions and values. Thank you for considering my art and services to elevate the beauty or your environment, 





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