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Toronto Skyline and Campfire at Night Bookmark! 


These two paintings of the toronto skyline and a campfire at night are now available together for readers. Please enjoy this unique handmade bookmark. The perfect combination to portray a canadian summer in ontario. Each tassle is handbraided and has a unique colour combination. Comment your favourite in the order and I will do my best to match. 


Each bookmark features captivating artwork on both sides. The tassels are meticulously hand-braided, adding an elegant touch that exudes love and care. Every bookmark is a unique masterpiece, boasting vibrant color combinations of hand-braided strings.


Measuring 6" long and 2" across, these bookmarks fit perfectly in your books without causing any damage. The 16PT thickness ensures durability, while a special coating adds extra protection and longevity, preserving the beauty of the artwork.


Discover the joy of owning a bookmark that reflects your individual style. With my Double-Sided Bookmarks, your reading moments become even more enchanting as you embark on literary journeys with a touch of elegance and artistic flair.


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